Not Your Typical Trans 101 Second Edition

Not Your Typical Trans 101 Second Edition

A lot changes in five years.  I wrote my first Not your Typical Trans 101 zine in 2010-11 and had the text available here.  This year, I revised it because it became roughly half offensive as terminology uses keep changing.  Please contact me if you’d like the pdf to print out a copy of this zine, especially if you’ve got the first edition – I’d love to replace it!

Here’s the new zine transcript:


Not Your Typical Trans 101 Second Edition

My goal when I originally wrote this zine was to provide definitions of terminology to a trans and cis audience in a way that better relates to the real lived experiences of trans people than I was finding in most Trans 101s. This second edition is updated to reflect my understanding of the current popular terminology in my region. I encourage readers, especially those intending to be allies to or within the trans community, to continue seeking information from multiple sources and perspectives. Read more